Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Top Ten Video Games of All Time.

 So I thought I'd put my top ten video games of all time up here, I'll expand on them more beyond name later one when I have sometime. Keep in mind this is my top ten, you may disagree with me. Also these are the top ten games I've played and enjoyed the most, not just the top ten rated games I've played.

So without further a do, from ten to one!

                                             Number Ten - Fable for the X-Box

 OK, I'm going to get flack for this I'm sure, but I really like Fable for the X-Box, yes it didn't live up to ANY of the hype around it, but it was still in my opinion a good game, I loved the Good and Evil dynamic, even if it came to saintly niceness or psychopathic evil.

                                  Number Nine - Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time for the N64

So this one is obvious I know, everyone loves this game, I don't know many people who didn't love it. I completed this game 100% on my first play through, not to blow my trumpet, I just wanted to explore and find EVERYTHING when I first played it, it was the first game to make me want to just see everything in it and explore, what at the time, felt like a huge and open world full of things to discover.

                                              Number Eight - The Sims 2 for the PC

This includes the expansions and I know people may think 'OMG WHAT A GIRLY GAME LOL!' but I do love The Sims 2, I don't know why, it's just so addictive and fun to make families and just play real life. Also kind of sad.. Like having a social life in a video game when you could have your own social life. Go figure.

                                       Number Seven - Saints Row 2 for the X-Box 360

I love, LOVE Saints Row 2, I loved the first it was just just GTA with a sense of humor and the sequel just took that and turned it to eleven, it's just whacked out beyond any other game I've played. Running around as a cockney gangster, in silly outfits and spraying poop on things just makes me giggle and always come back for more!

                                              Number Six - Goldeneye for the N64

OK this was a hard one to choose between, as I do adore Goldeneye on the N64 and TimeSplitters 2 also made by the makes of Goldeneye as I mentioned in my TimeSplitters retrospective. This game had everything, great single player, amazing multiplayer, a HUGE roster of characters and weapons, it was so good they remade it with better graphics, though I've not played that, I may sometime but till then the original is the best.

                                      Number Five - Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver for the PS1

I admit it, the story was overly complex, twisting and never ended satisfactory, but I wish to the gods it had, I loved the story and not only that but the voice acting was top notch! I never played Blood Omen, but I wish I had, if I can track it down I'll so play it, just to know how this all started!

                                      Number Four - Rune: Viking Warlord  for the PS2/PC

If it wasn't for this game I'd probably not be as in love with vikings as I am, in fact I use the main characters name for most of my fantasy characters. The games pretty much a mindless hack and slash game, but the Norse mythology and stupid ability to pick up severed limbs makes this a must play for most people I'd say, hell I think Steam released this recently, might make me actually get a account there.

                     Number Three - The Elder Scrolls III:Morrowind for the PC/X-Box

This is where the selection gets hard as my top three all could be my number one favorite of all time, but Morrowind here takes number three, with it's expansions. I bought this game I think when it came out, I can't recall, all I do recall is when I bought it I was with a friend of mine who told me he heard it was a good game so on his recommendation I bought it. When I first played it, I hated it, I really really hated it, I didn't understand it, I got lost and spent like a month of time trying to figure out what the hell the story was and where to go as I didn't really like reading the long winded dialogue, didn't check the manual. So I left it for like two month went back to it, after reading the manual and I went for it. After that I loved it, I understood all the ins and outs. Took me a while to finish it, but I did and I just wanted to go through it again and again.

                                       Number Two - Dungeon Keeper for the PC

Ah, Dungeon Keeper, how I love this game, luckily I can still play it with DOSbox I used to always ask my friend if we could play this at his house because I didn't have a PC and I loved this game so much, eventually when I got my first PC this game was out of production so I bought my friend copy of Dungeon Keeper Gold with Deeper Dungeons and I never looked back. Because as they say, Evil is Good.

And now, last but by no means least, number one of my top ten favorite games of all time list is!

                                    Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the SNES

And here it is my number one game of all time, the one I thank for making me a gamer, the one without which my RPG love would probably not exist. Now I admit before I had a SNES I had a NES and Sega, but when I lent my NES and games to a friend for his SNES games, I played this first, I had wanted to play the first two Zelda games on the NES but never got them, due to the price of games then and my parents thinking it would be too complicated for me at five years old. This game though made me and molded me, hell I got to the last temple, and struggled with it till I got a PlayStation then put it aside, only to take it up twelve years later and finally complete it, without using an online guide, I just decided 'Now is the time,' and I did it. And with the remake/sequel of this coming out on the 3DS I may have to buy one.

So that's my top ten favorite games of all time, I'll probably do a smaller post sometime on some of the runner ups, also I'll do one on my top ten favorite movies soon. 

Till next time.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Been Awhile..

Well it's been awhile since I updated, I should try and get this going again. Things have been busy, as not long after my last post I went and got a job and that's starting to take up a lot of time, along with playing D&D. Not much time off work doesn't help much. Though I promise to try.